Eager to develop the skills to overcome your sexual inhibitions?

Enrich your life with healthy sexual expression?

Have a more fulfiling intimate relationship?


Benefits of Sex Therapy

The benefits of counseling at Boulder Sex Therapy include more intimacy, clearer communication, greater self-awareness, and better relationship. It takes couple’s counseling to a more intimate level by discussing the oft overlooked, but very important, issue of sec in a relationship. You may also experience clearer and more effective emotional expression and a better understanding of the intra-psychic causes of sexual dysfunction including both the relational and medical aspects.

In your work with me, you will benefit by:

• Expanding your awareness of your body’s innate wisdom

• Reclaiming your sexuality

• Enhancing your understanding of how past sexual experiences impacted your sexual identity

Services Provided & Cost

For individuals: 50-minute session costs $165

For couples: 90-minute session costs $290

For more intensive treatment, multiple sessions may be scheduled in a block.

For groups: 90-minute session costs $75 per person, with the exception of supervision groups.